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Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo, 55, Termoli, CB, Italia
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Lido Medusa Stabilimento balneare. La nostra offerta comprende il noleggio di tutta l’attrezzatura occorrente, come ombrelloni, sdraio, sedie, lettini e cabine.

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    My wife and I spend all of the summer months in our home in Larino. But one of the joys of our annual visits is the LIDO MEDUSA located right on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, a short distance from Termoli’s “Vecchio Borgo”, a remarkable – and intact – medieval walled city complete with a defensive tower built some eight hundred years ago. The LIDO MEDUSA was once the American Officer’s club during the Second World War. That’s likely where the unusual name comes from. Think of the last three letters: USA. This past summer, almost every day, we would drive the 25 kilometers from our hill town to the beach. The MEDUSA is a family enterprise and we have become very fond of the entire family, Simona, Aldo, and their father (Romanino) and mother. The establishment consists of a little bar and restaurant, cabins for changing, netted areas for volley ball, and a large number of orange and green umbrelloni 9literally “large umbrellas”. Each beach area has its own hues, so the stretch of beach extending to the north is a rainbow of colours. Medusa caters to families and to many people a stay here is a annual tradition. Parking is inexpensive. One Euro for the first hour and 20 cents for each additional hour. We’d normally arrive just after lunch and would stay to watch the sunset. We’d combine swimming with lengthy walks along the beach front, often hiking an hour or more to the north, and then an hour back to our deck chairs. You can take advantage of the patterns of the day. The Italians (and there are almost no tourists) arrive early and leave for a large part of the afternoon. Similarly only a few stalwart souls actually stay for the sunset, so the beach is often not as crowded as you might expect. The beach is pristine and well cared for. The water is clear and clean. Visually the setting is stunning and there are probably few places in the world where the season rental (and the relatively inexpensive parking) is available. In essence, therefore, you can live inland in one of the scores of little hill towns and spend your days sunbathing and swimming. This, after all, is Italy and the weather is predictably incredibly beautiful . It’s paradise. Mind you, if you get tired of lazing in the sun you can actually walk in five minutes to the Pedestrian promenade in the centre of the new town where you can enjoy a gelato, an expresso, or just an opportunity to see the holidayers in their late afternoon passeggio. Who could ask for anything more!

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Lungomare Cristoforo Colombo, 55, Termoli, CB, Italia

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